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Dish Soap
Price: $31.20
Item#: CPL-20848

Palmolive Original Dishwashing Liquid, 887 ML. 9/Cs

Unit Size: 9/Cs
Item#: CPL-20848

Rich, thick formula cuts through stubborn grease and has a high active ingredient content. 887 ML bottle.

Palmolive Original Dish Washing Liquid is meant for regular dish wash. The cleaner contains lime extracts that helps keep the grease off the dishes. The liquid cleaner is easy to use and may be used for a long time. The liquid may save your time and energy that you put into washing dishes. The dishes are left clean and germ-free after wash.

Easy to rinse off
Non-toxic material
Gentle on hands
Original Dish Washing Liquid cleans dishes with less water and makes them look sparkly.

A Closer Look: Original Dish Washing Liquid has ingredients to fight the toughest of stains and keeps hands soft after washing. Even the most difficult pots and pans may be cleaned easily with this cleaner. The natural scent in the cleaner helps give the dishes a clean feel.

You Won't Find: Phosphate

Get Started: Apply on the dishes and lather. Rinse off.