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Economy Trash Bags
Price: $53.42
Item#: LFH-STH-1948L

40" x 48" Blue High Density Liner 19 Mic.  200/Cs 

Unit Size: 200/Cs
Item#: LFH-STH-1948L

40 to 45 gallon capacity.

Made with USDA and FDA approved HMW-HDPE resins using an exclusive manufacturing process.

Coreless rolls for ease and storage. Rolls eliminate the hassle of slippery, loose liners that can spill or fall on the floor.

Compact, neat-easy to transport and control. Easily Stored-takes up minimal space.

Easier to track and count than slippery stacks of flat-pack liners-simplifies inventory control, reduces waste and theft.

Uniform size makes coreless roll cartons easier to stack and store.