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Price: $94.92
Item#: ENV-146-12Q

EnvirOx #146 Industrial Degreaser RTU (Formerly Greasinator RTU), 12/Qt

Unit Size: 12/Qt
Item#: ENV-146-12Q

EnvirOx greasinator quickly cleans up grease and grime from automobile exteriors and parts, shop floors, cafeteria and break room tables, walls, lockers, desks, linoleum, cement sidewalks, printing rollers and other water-safe surfaces that need degreasing.

An industrial degreaser that is safe to use on any water safe surface.

Plant derived renewable resource ingredients, petroleum free, reduced aquatic toxicity and reduced human toxicity.

Health & Safety:
• HMIS: 1, 0, 0 in concentrate
• HMIS: 0, 0, 0 in use dilution
• HMIS: 1, 0, 0 for RTU
• Low VOC’s
• Biodegradable
• Plant derived renewable resource ingredients
• No harmful fumes.

Removes grease and grime from floors, surfaces and machinery in automotive, industrial, printing, and manufacturing environments.

Also use for removing permanent marker from desktops, grease from painted drywall, and forklift tire marks from shop floors.

Cleans air conditioning coils, printers presses and cement sidewalks.

NSF and EcoLogo Certified.