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Soap Dispenser
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Item#: GP-53052

GP Georgia PacificĀ® Splash Blue Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: GP-53052
GP Georgia Pacific® Splash Blue Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

Closed hygenic system houses pump, bag and nozzle for Georgia Pacific 43000 line soaps.

Features :

- Adjustable portion control : choose 0.4 or 0.7ml for foam products and 0.7 or 1.4ml for non foaming products

- Slight window allows users to check soap level at a glance

- Mounting bracket makes installations a breaze & dispenser can be removed for easy cleaning

- Meets ADA Guidelines by requiring less than 5 lbs of push force 

For use with GP-43815 Antimicrobial Pacific Foam Soap