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Soap Dispenser
Price: $13.72
Item#: SSS-34107

Elevate Manual Soap Dispenser, 1250 mL. Gray/White. 1/Ea

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: SSS-34107

SSS-34107 Elevate Collection Manual Soap Dispenser fits 1250 mL foam soap refills. Large sign window along with clear bottle refills make it easy to check fill status.  Remove the key from inside the dispenser to lock dispensers. Fully ADA compliant.

For use with the following soaps :

SSS-34103 Serenity Fragrance Free Hand Cleaner

SSS-34104 Tangy Citrus Foam Hand & Body Cleaner

SSS-34105 Floral Delight Foam Hand Cleaner

SSS-34106 Advance Antibacterial Foam Hand Cleaner