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Soap Dispenser
Price: $33.90
Item#: SSS-44009

FoamClean TouchFree Soap Dispenser. 1000-1250 mL. Gray. 1/Ea

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: SSS-44009

SSS-44009 FoamClean Collection TouchFree Automatic Soap Dispenser. Gray color.

Fits all 1000-1250 mL foam soap refills. Efficient dispensing for less waste and maximized longevity. Standard and low-dose dispensing options available. Powerful operation that is faster and quieter. Stronger sensitivity to motion, preventing unintentional dispensing. 4 C-size Batteries for longer life. Sleep Mode after 30 minutes of non-use to conserve battery. 

SSS-44009 is to be used with the following soaps:
• Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer, SSS-44096
• Assure® Antibacterial Skin Cleanser, SSS-44097
• FoamClean® Lotion Skin Cleanser, SSS-44098
• Ensure Antibacterial Moisture Wash, SSS-44141
• Body Fresh Hair & Body Shampoo, SSS-44142
• FoamClean® Dye/Fragrance Free Lotion Skin Cleanser, SSS-44258
• Ascend 62® Instant Hand Sanitizer, SSS-44600