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OmniAir Air Freshner
Price: $10.61
Item#: SSS-74359

Triple S OmniAirâ„¢ Dispenser White. 1/Ea

OmniAir Air Freshener Dispenser 

Same effective fuel cell technology with a battery operated fan to distribute fragrance through a room quickly when natural air flow may not be reliable.

OmniAir offers the best continuous odor management with five fresh and consistent fragrances.

Controls odors for 60-90 days - keeping restrooms smelling clean. NO V.O.C’S, No Propellants, No Batteries.

Refill components completely recyclable. Pure fragrance & odor neutralizers. Promotes a clean & healthy environment.

Available Fragrance Refills :

SSS-74360 Arctic Mist

SSS-74363 Blue Wave

SSS-74361 Citrus Twist

SSS-74362 Spring Bouquet

SSS-74131 Cucumber Melon

SSS-74132 Mango Mist