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Floor Squeegees
Price: $42.00
Item#: UNG-FP90

Unger FP900 36" Aquadozer® Heavy Duty Straight Floor Squeegee. 1/Ea

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: UNG-FP90

Unger FE750 36" Aquadozer® Straight Floor Squeegee. 1/Ea

Clear water, waste, mud, and debris from floor easily with this Unger heavy duty squeegee. Durable, this is ideal for smooth surfaces such as asphalt and coated or uncoated concreate.  

Constructed out of reliable 14 gauge powder-coated steel with reinforced zinc alloy tapered handle socked.  36" long premium black EPDM rubber blade.

Compatible with UNG-AL14T handle as well as BRU-121 and BRU-125 (sold separately).