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Hand Dryers
Price: $473.95
Item#: SSS-27064

XLERATOR Automatic Hand Dryer, XL-BW-110, White Thermoset (BMC), 1/Cs.

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: SSS-27064

The XLERATOR hand dryers deliver 3 times faster hand drying power.

A user's hands will be thoroughly dry in only 10 to 15 seconds.

The XLERATOR hand dryer is the result of a two-year research project, in which we studied every detail of the hand-drying process, with countless hours of field testing, listening to what users had to say, and, as a result, developed the patented technology behind the best hand dryer in the business.

The benefits of the XLERATOR include:


  • FAST! Dry hands completely in 10-15 Seconds
  • Uses 80% Less Energy than other hand dryers
  • 95% Cost Savings vs. Paper Towels
  • GreenSpec® Listed and Helps Qualify for LEED® Credits
  • Promotes Hygiene (automatic sensor activated)
  • Source Reduction Alternative
  • 110w voltage
  • Surface-mounted
  • White Polymer (BMC) Cover