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Janitorial supplies save money with these janitorial cleaning & supply tips!

Janitorial supplies purchasers focuses on reducing cleaning cost and consider it as one of the common goal for building managers and cleaning contractors

Traditionally, the focus is on minimizing labor expenditures when building managers and contractors seek to lower expenses on their janitorial cost. But reducing janitorial supply costs can also prove to be a major savings.

Because of this, the National Service Alliance (NSA), a group purchasing organization that helps larger cleaning contractors reduce their costs for janitorial cleaning equipment and supplies, suggests the following ways cleaning contractors and facility cleaning managers can help reduce their cleaning supply costs:

Avoid “on the fly” purchasing. What is often termed “on the spot” or “on the fly” purchasing refers to purchasing a product, often just to test it out. If you want to test drive a product such as a janitorial cleaning solution, many distributors and manufacturers are happy to provide a sample.
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Look for multi-surface cleaning tools. This can apply both to cleaning chemicals as well as equipment. One cleaning solution or one machine that can clean multiple surfaces (i.e., hard surface floors and carpet) is one of the best ways to reduce supply costs.

Buy quality. Purchasing higher quality products invariably pays dividends, which reduces the cost of cleaning. They may be easier to use; perform more effectively; be more durable; last longer, etc.

Join the “5 Gallon Club.” Invariably chemical manufacturers will offer a reduced price when cleaning chemicals are purchased in five-gallon containers. Check out our full line of cleaning solutions for all of your janitorial needs. TwinSource Chemicals and Cleaners

Buy concentrated. The more concentrated the cleaning solution, the longer it will last, helping to reduce costs significantly.

Bearcat 20TD Oribital Automatic Scrubber for your janitorial equipment needs

Focus on performance. Select products that are more effective and/or help improve worker productivity. Even if they cost more than comparable products, the labor-related savings will likely more than pay for the investment. Visit our full line of janitorial equipment and make sure to visit us on Facebook, Google + or Twitter for special offers on equipment and supplies. Right now, we are offering the SSS Bearcat 20TD Orbital Scrubber which in 3.8 weeks can save you $14,440 in labor hours!

Postpone purchasing. This applies most specifically to equipment. Many machines used in cleaning are replaced before the end of their useful life. Establish a product replacement program. Decide to keep a vacuum cleaner, for instance, five to seven years before replacing it.

Use but don’t abuse. Unfortunately, one of the reasons cleaning tools and equipment must be replaced before the end of their expected lifespan is due to abuse. Train staff on the proper, safe, and most efficient ways to use and care for cleaning equipment.

Joint procurement. Savings are possible when larger amounts of a product can be purchased at the same time. Some organizations partner in order to have greater buying power and enjoy these savings.

Price ceiling. Sometimes large purchasers can negotiate what is called a price ceiling. A price ceiling ensures that even if there are cost increases, they will not be passed on to these purchasers.

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