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Trash bags -Can- Liners – Types and Sizes

Maintaining workplace hygiene should always be a priority, and one of the largest concerns with regards to this is how one can store and manage the waste that they produce.

While investing in trash-cans is an excellent way to keep your trash in one place, they also provide an incomplete solution with regards to how easily you managing your waste.

And so, to make things simpler to handle, making sure that you use trash bags in conjunction with trash cans is always a good idea. But what exactly are they, and why would you need them?

Why do I need Trash bags?

Trash can liners make the management and storage of your waste products a breeze since they are inserted into your trash-cans in order to conveniently store the waste that they accrue.

In doing this, waste can be removed from bins more easily by simply removing the bag when it is full and replacing it with another.

This keeps the trash together, making it significantly easier to manage, but also ensures that leakage from liquid wastes, harmful breakages and unpleasant odors are kept locked in the bag until such time that it can be removed.

This provides a great solution for minimal and bulk waste management that can be conducted in a hygienic manner, allowing you to keep your hands clean (so to speak), when dealing with the waste generated by your place of work.

Of course, there are a variety of products available, each suited to particular needs and tasks.

Different Types of Trash can liners?

Economy trash bags are perfect for all round usage in both the home and the office. They are designed to provide strength and affordability so that you don’t have to expend your monthly budget on waste management, while ensuring that the trash bag doesn’t split under the weight of your trash.

Recycling liners offer heavy duty storage of recycling materials and allow for their easy separation while providing seal, puncture and tear protection for the storage and management of heavier waste materials such as tin, paper and plastic.

Drawstring liners are perfect for those who need more ease in the management of their waste, possibly due to the quantities of which they produce.

They are easy to close thanks to the draw-string, and the linear low density design of the bags makes them perfect for managing medium weight materials that are often produced in the home.

Eco-friendly trash bags are perfect for those who prefer to use green products.

They are generally made from 80% recycled resins, and are tough enough for both residential and industrial usage with a puncture resistant design and star seal bottom.

How to use them?

Selecting a trash can liners that is suitable for your needs is important.

Their dimensions should roughly match those of the trash-can you are using, and should be able to hold an appropriate capacity of waste. Most liners come in a range between 40×46” to 39×58” and can store a capacity between 40 and 60 gallons of waste.

Once you have selected the product that is right for you, placing it into the bin is easy enough.

Ensure that the can is properly cleaned before inserting the bag, making sure to fold its edges over the rim of the bin or tie one corner in a knot for better support.

Once it is full, carefully remove it from the bin, being careful not to let any trash escape, tie it up in a knot and dispose of it. Simple as that.

So, if you would like to take better charge of your waste management at home or work, be sure to invest in a reliable set of trash bags liners for all of your bins.

They will help you maintain proper hygiene with ease, while making your daily chores that little bit easier.

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