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StoroPack PAPERplus Classic, PAPERplus Chevron, PAPERplus Shooter

Storopack PAPERplus TwinSource, the Minnesota leader in packaging products, has partnered with Storopack to distribute PAPERplus’ material producing systems. PAPERplus from Storopack utilizes numerous systems to transform paper rolls into packaging material. From small items to large industrial-sized items, there is a PAPERplus product available that will provide an economical …

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Multifold Paper Towels

Restrooms across the world have always had paper towels in them that are made solely for the purpose of drying off hands after using the convenience. This is as much a part of the restroom history as the facilities themselves. However, recent developments have led to some innovation being introduced …

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Hands Free Towel Dispenser & Foam Handsoap Dispenser Program

OptiServ Hands Free Towel Dispenser The OptiServ® hands free dispensing system is ideal for high-traffic facilities where cleanliness is highly important. The OptiServ® delivers pre-measured dispensing which encourages users to take only the toweling that is needed, thereby reducing paper waste. Hands Free Supports HACCP High Capacity – Holds up …

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Industrial Paper Products

At TwinSource, we carry a huge warehouse supply of industrial paper products in stock and ready for delivery. From Georgia Pacific Bathroom Tissue, Bay West Controlled Use Tissue to Boardwalk Household Roll Tissue, we can the brands you love and trust.

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Restroom Supplies Minnesota

Twinsource has a large supply of restroom supplies in the Minneapolis and Minnesota area for your business needs. We have in stock: Singlefold Towels Bath tissues Multifold towels Roll towels Center Pull Towels Paper Towels Facial Tissue Napkins Wipers Dispensers

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