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Free Shipping on Continental Products

Continental Commercial Products available, from material handling tilt trucks and platform trucks, to ConServ Ice Bins and Wax-O-Matic floor finish applicator, TwinSource Supply is your go to stop for all of your Continental Commercial products needs.

FREE SHIPPING available on all orders in the continental USA (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico).  Mix and match different products as well, no minimum to purchase.  Buy one item or buy a truck load, all orders will always have free shipping!

Why Continental Commercial Products?

Comparable to Rubbermaid items, these Continental Commercial products are made in the USA with high quality materials that last – at a lower price than comparable Rubbermaid items.  Tilt trucks designed to fit through standard office doorways for convenience use without damaging doors and walls.

Continental Tilt Trucks


Tilt trucks are very basic material handling tools that can help make most jobs easier.

Ideal for warehouses, construction sites, or any other job site that may require moving large quantities of materials, Continental Tilt Trucks are the best way to increase productivity, save trips, and make your job much easier.

Great for collecting jobs such as collecting trash from smaller containers.  Larger wheels than on standard brute containers make maneuvering and emptying easy for one person to operate.

Constructed out of a one-piece, extra strong industrial plastic, these Continental Tilt Trucks are designed to fit through standard office doors.  Each truck also features inset wheel placement that helps prevent damage to walls and doors.  All tilt trucks come in black,  lids also available for purchase (sold separately).

TwinSource Supply has three different size Continental tilt trucks available : 5/8 Cubic Yard, 1.1 Cubic Yard and 1.5 Cubic Yard.  Each size are also available in different capacity sizes :

5/8 Cubic Yard Continental Tilt Truck : Available in 300 lb/126 gal, 750 lb/126 gal, 1200 lb/126 gal capacities.

Blue 5/8 Cubic Yard Recycling Tilt Truck also available in 5/8 Cubic Yard size.

1.1 Cubic Yard Continental Tilt Truck : Available in 800 lb/222 gal & 2000 lb/222 gal capacities.

1.5 Cubic Yard Continental Tilt Truck : Available in 1200 lb/300 gal & 2100 lb/300 gal capacities.

Continental Platform Trucks



Each Continental Platform truck is constructed out of durable plastic that will not rust, dent, crack, chip, peel or splinter unlike other conventional metal or wood platform trucks.

With a heavy duty, reinforced removable steel handle and 5″ caster, these platform trucks are easy to use.

Available in 2 sizes : 24″ x 48″ platforms & 30″ x 60″ platforms with various capacity sizes available.

Other Continental Commercial Products available at TwinSource Supply

TwinSource also has Continental ConServ Ice Bins available for free shipping.

Available in two colors, black and grey, these ConServ Ice Bins come in 125 lb and 200 lb capacities.

Designed to prevent rust and corrosion, each ice bin also feature an easy to access, leak proof drain faucet that is nested withing the profile of the body to prevent accidental damage and leakage.

Self storing lid also provides you with greater access to the bins contents will preventing lid contamination.

Each bin also includes an ergonomic handle and large dolly-style rear wheels that allows the units to be easily rolled and maneuvered, even when filled.


Continental Wax-O-Matic Speed Floor Finish Applicator is also available to mix and match for free shipping at TwinSource Supply.

Wax-O-Matic applies both water and solvent such as finishes, sealers, urethanes, restorers, and disinfectants quickly and smoothly.

Push button dispensing and replaceable wick pads provide complete control of finish thickness.

Build in edge feathering covers also allows the Wax-O-Matic to cover many times the area of conventional finishing methods without the spills, drips or based board splashes.

Lightweight, aluminum and plastic design makes the Wax-O-Matic floor finisher simple for any employee to use.

Includes 3 gallon tank that allows you to cover up to 30,000 square feet per hour, as well as two ultra smooth replacement wick pads.


All Continental products available at TwinSource Supply include FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico).

Mix and Match different products, there is no minimum purchase requirement.

Please contact us for more information on Continental material handling equipment today!

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