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Floor Care – Daily Dry Soil Removal

Floor Care – Daily Dry Soil Removal

It is important to follow the proper procedure to maintain your floors to ensure the highest quality

Floor care steps to dry soil removal

Make sure you have all the proper equipment

Dust mop

Dust pan

Lobby broom

Caution floor safety signs

Safety glasses

Dust mop treatment and scraper

Walk-off mats to reduce soil damage to floors


Prepare the area to be cleaned by remove all furniture, vacuum mats. Remove stickers or gum carefully from the floor with a scraper, making sure not to damage the floor. Put caution signs in place, pre-treat area with a dust mop treatment by spaying until moist. Start dust mopping to remove loose dry soil.

Starting from far corner working towards the door or towards the edge using a microfiber dust mop

Use a lobby broom and dustpan to sweep up any remaining soil into dust pan,  return equipment to its place, remove any soil left behind, return furniture and other items cleared from the area to their proper location.

Don’t forget to check out our Microfiber Cleaning Dolly II that includes:

  • 2 six gallon buckets & 2 lids (orange & gray)
  • 2 three gallon buckets & 2 lids (orange & gray)
  • Vinyl collection bag w/ SSS logo
  • 4-bottle caddy
  • Pole holder for 5 handles
  • Rubber grip push handle
  • Wet floor sign holders

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