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White Can Liners
Price: $27.98
Item#: LFH-3037-W

30" x 37" White Low Density Liner, .7 Mil. 200/Cs

Unit Size: 200/Cs
Item#: LFH-3037-W

20 to 30 gallon capacity.

Constructed from high quality blended resins with exceptional strength with good puncture and tear resistance.

Seamless tubular construction with leak-proof seal. Coreless roll for ease of use and storage.

Rolls eliminate the hassle of slippery, loose liners that can spill or fall on the floor. Compact, neat-easy to transport and control.

Easily Stored-takes up minimal space.

Easier to track and count than slippery stacks of flat-pack liners-simplifies inventory control, reduces waste and theft.

Uniform size makes coreless roll cartons easier to stack and store.