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Carpet Care
Price: $10.03
Item#: INO-98PMX0G

Maxim Carpet Extractor and Shampoo. 1 Gallon. 1/Ea

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: INO-98PMX0G

Maxim Carpet Shampoo utilizes the most advanced surfactants technology available to produce a cleaner that will break down and emulsify soils.

This concentrated cleaner is the only cleaner you need for any carpet maintenance process - bonneting, shampooing or extracting.

Designed for use on stain-resistant carpeting, this extraction type (steam machine) cleaner is effective and economical to use.

This special formula, when used as directed, delivers a cleaning solution that falls into the suggested pH range of less than 10 (which is recommended by manufacturers of stain
resistant carpeting.

This product does not contain cationic surfactants.