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Price: $15.86
Item#: SSS-13028

DC Gold Disinfectant Cleaner. 1 Gallon

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: SSS-13028
Daily cleaning and disinfecting can be accomplished with this lemon fresh product. DC Gold is a quaternary based disinfectant that is effective against bacteria including:
Aeruginosa and
It is also effective against the HIV-1 (AIDS) Virus.

DC Gold is formulated to clean and disinfect while leaving a fresh, deodorizing, lemon fragrance.

Ideal for use in virtually all institutional or commercial sanitation programs for the control of disease and odor causing germs.

It may be used on virtually all washable surfaces such as porcelain, tile, enamel, metal, resilient floors, laminates and painted surfaces.

It will not dull or remove detergent resistant floor finishes.
Quaternary germicides are substantive to the surfaces they clean and  disinfect.

This means that, even when rinsed, there is a layer of germicide residue remaining. This very small residual becomes active when dampened.

This characteristic helps keep bacterially caused odors under control.