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Price: $68.67
Item#: ENV-126-02B

EnvirOx #126 Dish Wash Concentrate (Formerly Dish Safe), 2/Gal Cs

Unit Size: 2/Gal/Cs
Item#: ENV-126-02B

Dish Safe is a Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Dishwashing Concentrate.

Three Sink Cleaning
Cleaning dishes, utensils, and food preparation items in the first step of a three-sink system without harsh ingredients. Formulation quickly loosens food particles and emulsifies food grease.

Environmentally Preferred Formula
Replace products that contain OSHA defined hazardous ingredients such as ethanol and sodium dodecylbenzene sulphonate with this hydrogen peroxide-based alternative.

General Purpose Cleaning
Dish-Safe can also be used for cleaning walls, prep tables, cafeteria counters, cutting machines, and drip trays. The unique hydrogen peroxide formulation leaves little to no residue.

Neutral pH
Dish-Safe has a neutral pH and no flash point which means it will not harm surfaces or pit aluminum and is not combustible.