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Price: $40.33
Item#: SSS-13005

Emulsion Bowl Cleaner. 1 Quart. 12/Cs

Unit Size: 12/Cs
Item#: SSS-13005

Powerful 23% hydrochloric acid bowl cleaner to remove mineral deposits and heavy soil incrustations without scrubbing.

EPA registered.

Effective against Pseudomonas aerations, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella cholerasuis, and HIV-1.

Safe for septic tanks, contains corrosion inhibitors.

Recommended for periodic use in the toilet bowls and urinals. Acidic odor.

This is a powerful acid cleaner which will produce dramatic cleaning results.

Use only in vitreous toilet bowls and urinals.

Removes rust, lime and uric acid deposits.

Use with extreme care.

Eliminates offensive odors.

Will not harm bacteria action of septic tanks - when used per label instructions.

Recommended for use in commercial and industrial buildings, schools, manufacturing plants, hotels and motels.