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Air Movers
Price: $276.25
Item#: SSS-86023

SSS Puma X 3-Speed Transportable Air Mover, 1/Ea

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: SSS-86023
The SSS Puma X 3-Speed Transportable Air Mover is a robust piece of equipment that provides power and versatility to quickly dry floors and circulate air.

The SSS Puma X is a key piece of equipment for any of your customers looking to keep air movers on hand.

With the current design, the air mover is able to be stacked up to three units high, and daisy chained together for maximum efficiency.
  • Easy to Use - Compact, lightweight, and stackable for convenience.
  • Powerful - Delivers up to 2,400 cfm with an energy efficient, 3-speed motor. 
  • Versatile - Multiple position settings for directing airflow; connect up to three units for maximum efficiency.