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Price: $27.26
Item#: SSS-75095

SSS 20" UHS Hog's Hair Poly Tan Burnishing Pad. 5/Cs

Unit Size: 5/Cs
Item#: SSS-75095

For medium to hard finishes vith virtually any machine. Produces a wet look finish.

The Tan Ultra High Speed Burnishing pad with hogs hair has been formulated for high frequency burnishing that produces a brilliant gloss.

It has been designed to work exceptionally well on soft to medium floor finishes. Recommended for use on machines up to 3000 RPM.

A superior soft textured pad that removes marks and scuffs while polishing the floor for a reflective appearance.

Brilliant, glossy floors draw the admiration of customers and the envy of competitors.

Removes unsightly scratch and scuff marks.

Durable fibers make replacing pads less frequent.