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Square Floor Pads
Price: $79.69
Item#: SSS-31269

14" x 20" Eco1000 Maroon Strip-Prep Pad, 10/Cs

Unit Size: 1/Cs
Item#: SSS-31269
SSS 14"x20" Eco1000 Maroon Strip-Prep Pad, 10/Cs

Eco 1000 Maroon Strip-Prep floor pad is ideal when stripping or deep scrubbing of floors is needed.

Can be used both wet or dry & without harsh chemicals

When used in chemical free applications, this product helps meet today's challenge of being enviromentally sound while producing superior results.

Great for repairing acrylic or urethane finishes for recoating

Recoomended for use on machines up to 350 RPM


Oscillating Floor Machines