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Soap Dispenser
Price: $6.71
Item#: DIL-03922

Liquid Dial Dispenser, 1 Liter, Smoke. 1/Ea

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: DIL-03922

Push-type, ADA-Compliant dispenser holds up to 1-liter of liquid soap. Unique see-through reservoir allows you to easily monitor soap levels.

Durable acrylic construction. Adjustable single-pump dispensing volume gives facilities better control over soap usage.

Soap can be observed through the cover, eliminating nightly dispenser checks. Reduces maintenance labor by more than 80%.

Adjustable dose rate allows better control of soap usage. Soap reservoir ensures no soap waste and continuous service to customers.


Compatible with Dial Basics® Hypallergenic Lotion Soap DIL-06046