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Outdoor Entrance Matting
Price: $48.28
Item#: AND-874-32-39

Flex Tip Outdoor Entrance Matting 2-2/3' x 3-1/4'

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: AND-874-32-39

Approx. size : 32" x 39"

Flex Tip matting is your best bet for quality outdoor matting. Flex tip matting is constructed with two thousand finger-like tips/sq. foot (21,000/m2) that aggressively scrape dirt and soil from shoes. 

• Designed for outdoor use
• OSHA-compliant beveled edges and deep wells for holding heavy soil and debris
• Anti-fatigue mat capabilities
• Solid 5/8" (16mm) thick construction
• Easy to thoroughly clean by shaking or hosing off