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Micro Power HD Microfiber Wet Mops
Price: $45.55
Item#: SSS-37137

HD MicroPower Wet Mop Pads, 5"x18.5"

Unit Size: 12/Cs
Item#: SSS-37137
5"x18.5" MicroPower HD Wet Mops are constructed of microfibers - microscopic fibers that reach into the small floor surface pores to remove dirt and bacteria. Use wet or dry for various applications.
  • Reduces chemical use, water and energy to clean
  • Velcro backing for quick change
  • Electromagnetically-charged microfibers pick up and hold dust, dirt and grime
  • Various size wet mop pads with colored binding to sort by use or area
  • Launderable

For use with SSS-37136 and SSS-37132