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NexGen Cleaning Dolly and Buckets
Price: $27.90
Item#: SSS-19003

NexGen Orange Clean Mop Bucket w/ Lid. 6 Gallon Capacity. 1/Ea

Unit Size: 1/Ea
Item#: SSS-19003
SSS NexGen Orange Clean Mop Bucket w/Lid. 6 Gallon Capacity. 1/Ea

Pretreat SSS NexGen Microfiber pocket-style and hock and loop style wet mop pads, surface pads or cloths. 6 gallon capacity allows you to properly saturate up to 25 mop pads, 40 surface pads, or 50 16" x 16"cloths.

Comes with seal-tight lid.

Color : Orange