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Price: $44.29
Item#: SSS-13016

Liquid Scouring Cream Cleanser. 1 Quart. 12/Cs

Unit Size: 12/Cs
Item#: SSS-13016

The finely granulated silica an foaming action make this product ideal for cleaning tile grout, porcelain and many other restroom and kitchen surfaces without scratching.

Removes a variety of soils.

Clinging and foaming action effectively cleans vertical surfaces.

Apply directly to surfaces and scrub with a sponge, cloth or soft brush.

Rinses freely.

Excellent for the cleaning of porcelain, acrylic and fiberglass fixtures in restrooms and kitchens.

The thick rich formula will not scratch porcelain. Applications include kitchens, lavatories, tubs and showers that need extra scrubbing power.

Ideal for use wherever a non-scratching cleaner is needed. The popular Pleascent Scent fragrance eliminates odors while leaving a light fresh fragrance.

Liquid Scouring Cream is one element in the coordinated Team Pleascent Clean System of cleaners, odor counteractants and disinfectants, all containing the popular Pleascent Scent fragrance.