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Price: $31.73
Item#: RUB-4254

Over-The-Spillâ„¢ Pad. 25 Sheets/Pad

Unit Size: 25/Pad
Item#: RUB-4254

Tear-off pads cover and absorb spills and alert pedestrians. Each pad absorbs up to 12 oz. of fluid."Caution Wet Floor" imprinted in English and Spanish.

Plastic pad has slot for hanging, also mounts to RUB-6112 series Folding Floor Signs (sold separately). 16-1/2" x 14".

Helps prevent accidents immediately after a liquid spill on a smooth floor surface. Slip-resistant pads quickly cover spills and alert pedestrians.

Each yellow pad is coded with universal caution symbol and "Caution Wet Floor" message in English and Spanish.

Bright yellow station is constructed of corrugated plastic and mounts on flat surface, easily dispensing perforated pads.

Mildew-resistant pads are constructed of melt-blown polypropylene for added strength and absorbency.

Includes 25 sheets per pad.