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Price: $11.82
Item#: BOM-PUG17-XS

PUG17 Gloves Black Nylon, Black Polyurethane Coated Palm. Extra Small. 12 Pair/Pkg

Unit Size: 12/Pair/Pkg
Item#: BOM-PUG17-XS

PUG17 Gloves feature a black 13 gauge nylon shell and black polyurethane coated palms.

Provides second to none tactile dexterity, excellent grip and ultra thin sensitivity.

PUG17 are anti-static/electrostatic complaint for use in ESD Protection Areas.  

ANSI/ESD SP15.1-2005 & ANSI/ESD SP20.20-2007 compliant.

Applications: Excellent Industrial protection in handling small parts for assembly.

Perfect for micro electronics, photographic media handling. Polyurethane coating provides superior dry grip.

Size: XS