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Price: $85.49
Item#: SSS-44258

FoamClean® Dye and Fragrance Free Lotion Skin Cleanser,1000 ML. 6/Cs

Unit Size: 6/Cs
Item#: SSS-44258

Luxury skin care formulation is dye and fragrance free, enhanced with Vitamin E and Aloe, and Green Seal™ certified. 

Light to medium soil removal.

For use with DuoClean® Foam and Liquid Soap Dispensers SSS-44119 and SSS-44099.

FoamClean Manual and TouchFree Dispensers that this refill is compatible with:
• FoamClean Black Manual Soap Dispenser, SSS-44001
• FoamClean Gray Manual Soap Dispenser, SSS-44002
• FoamClean White Manual Soap Dispenser, SSS-44003
• FoamClean Black TouchFree Soap Dispenser, SSS-44008
• FoamClean Gray TouchFree Soap Dispenser, SSS-44009
• FoamClean White TouchFree Soap Dispenser, SSS-44011